A Sneak Peek...

>> Saturday, August 14, 2010

We are still trying to sort through the craziness of boxes, but we are in the new place!

I took a few pictures before we started moving in, so you didn't see our messiness... once we get settled, I'll take a few more.

We love it... it's small and quaint, and perfectly us!

We had some amazing friends who helped us pack up our old place in three loads! What troopers. I owe them all a home-cooked meal! It's always kind of awkward moving - everybody sees your whole life! :)

I'll be back soon once I'm all settled in (or at least partly settled) with some REALLY exciting news!!! For now, here's the sneak peek...

My new kitchen. Isn't that stove/oven gorgeous! :)
Our dining room - great for entertaining. I love the arches!
Living room - complete with fireplace. Can't wait to snuggle up!

My amazing new tub, and there are 2 shower heads!
Great little backyard for Capo to play!


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