The Best Dessert in the World!

>> Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Few Random Facts:

- I read books at unreasonably ridiculous speed. What I mean is, I will usually read a book in about a day to a day and a half. I don't want to do anything else but read the book.

- My new iPhone has taken such ridiculous reading to new levels. I can read everywhere: the grocery store, the bathroom, red lights (I've NEVER done that....) while I cook dinner, while walking my dog. All while everyone thinks I'm just checking my phone not being a complete nerd and reading a book.

- I'm running my 2nd half marathon in a week, and I'm so over the training. Very much looking forward to this one being over with. Don't get me wrong, the benefits to the amount of running are nice, however, running upwards of 20+ miles a week and having to do a 12 mile run this Saturday is not much to look forward to. And the blisters on my feet are disgusting!

- I love to paint my nails and toenails and love new fun colors such as these.

The problem is, that I never have enough time to keep up with it. I have one random night and paint my nails, and then leave it on for approximately a month. Then it looks absolutely terrible. But I can't stand to not ever paint them. Not when they have such cool colors.

- This yummy dessert is from the Giada de Laurentiis cookbook, Everyday Italian. I got it several years ago as a Christmas present from Archie. He claims it was the best Christmas present he ever bought "himself". There are some really really great recipes in here, and everything I've made has turned out great.

This chocolate zabaglione is by far the best one in the book. It will seriously change your life! You should definitely make this recipe for someone who hates you, and then they will like you after you make this for them. Or you can ask for a giant favor after you make this.

You can serve this warm or cold. I like it both ways, maybe more warm - it's warm and gooey and delicious. But if you do chill it, it will set to become more like a mouse consistency, and you won't be able to rewarm it because of the egg yolks in the recipe. You must make this soon!!

Chocolate Zabaglione: (By: Giada De Laurentiis)
1/4 cup whipping cream
1/2 cup semisweet chocolate chips
2/3 cup sugar
2/3 cup dry Marsala
8 large egg yolks
pinch of salt
1 pound fresh strawberries - hulled and quartered

In a small saucepan, bring the cream just to a simmer over medium-high heat. Remove the heat and add the chocolate chips. Stir until the chocolate is melted and smooth. Set aside and keep warm.
For this part, you can use a double boiler, but if you are in my case and don't have one, you can do like I do, and make one. Set a small saucepan filled with an inch or two of water over low heat to simmer. Place a large heat-resistance bowl over water, making sure the water in the pot below does not simmer up high enough to touch the bottom of the bowl (nobody wants scrambled eggs in your dessert). Like This Below.
(Can you see my super cute apron in the bowl that my mom got me for Christmas! :) She even had The Cooking Vent embroidered on it.)

Separate the 8 eggs and place the yolks in the metal bowl on stove as well as sugar, marsala, and pinch of salt.

Whisk together until thick and creamy and a candy thermometer in the mixture registers 160 degrees F, about 4 minutes. Immediately remove from the heat.
Beginning texture Checking the temp Nice and creamy texture

Using a large rubber spatula, fold the chocolate and cream mixture into the egg mixture until thoroughly mixed in. If serving cold, cover and refrigerate several hours until cold. Do not rewarm the mixture.

Divide the strawberries among dessert dishes, spoon the warm zabaglione over and serve.


I'm Famous!

>> Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Remember this?

Well, now you can see her version of the story over at her blog.... and you might or might not even see her very own version of this picture!

Go check out Bakerella.
Her mom took her picture - How cool! :)

Can't believe I made it on Bakerella's blog. I know a bunch of other people did too, but it's still pretty fun!

Thanks for indulging me....


CSN review - Frieling "Molly" Electronic Kitchen Scale

>> Sunday, April 10, 2011

I was recently asked by CSN to do a review on one of their products. I have been wanting a kitchen scale for quite a while. A lot of recipes will call for the ingredients in grams, and unless they convert it for me, I have a really difficult time figuring out the ingredients. So, I used my gift certificate they provided to purchase a kitchen scale.
This has been a great addition to my kitchen tools! I have loved using it. It's sleek, easy to store and clean, and super easy to use. I'll give a quick list of pros and cons:

Easy add & tare feature that will allow you to add things to the same bowl for easy mixing
Sleek, contemporary design
Great price
Easy to clean
Easy to use and quick to get using

It was hard to get the "exact" measurement. I would get it right, turn my back to get the next ingredient, and it would have changed by 1 to 2 grams - I don't think that small amount made much of a difference, but it was at least worth noting.

Working with CSN was easy, and an overall great experience. The ordering, shipping, and paying process was a breeze, and I would highly recommend it! Plus, they offer a TON of variety with a lot of their products with free shipping. I like it so much, that this might be my next purchase! :) (Not exactly kitchen gadgets, but I do like it!) They even gave me a 20% off coupon to use for my next purchase.
**I was provided with a gift card from CSN stores to purchase an item for review. I was given no other compensation, and all opinions are completely my own.